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      Primorsko is a sea resort,    in southeastern Bulgaria. It is well-known for cheap accommodation in this family vacation resort on the  Bulgarian Southern Black Sea Coast. There are serene coast with amber-like sand, with many dunes appropriate for beach vacation, crystal-clean and calm sea,  ideal holiday conditions for best family vacation, an attractive place for Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Primorsko has exceptional conditions for enthusiasts of water activities related to the sea, as well as for  scuba diving lovers   and water sport.

Map of Primorsko   Map Burgas - Primorsko

       At a short distance from Primorsko is the most beautiful natural reserve area :  Ropotamo river, 
with its attractive rocky formation   lions head,   Arkutino -   white and yellow water lilies  and  snake island. 

Vacation on the beach in Primorsko

 Vacation on the beach 
Holiday home accommodation

 Holiday home accommodation 

   Another neighbouring reserve is Maslen nos, noted for its fantastic banks, cliffs and eye-catching natural fiord - like attraction, with Sanctuary of the holy wedding between God-Mother and God-Sun on the holy Mountain of Trace. This sanctuary dating from ancient Thracian times can be visited at five kilometers north of the town - this is the biggest megalith sanctuary discovered so far in Eastern Thrace.

Stoycho  Georgiev  Stoychev

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   In the house for rent in Primorsko, there are suitable rooms and apartments, for vacation in this bulgarian convenient beach resort. The bedrooms are for 2, 3 or 4 person. Our guests are using the spacious courtyards. The rooms and apartments are with satellite TV .

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Bulgaria,  8180 Primorsko,   2A  Ropotamo Str.,    Stoycho Georgiev Stoychev,  Стойчо  Георгиев  Стойчев


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8180  Primorsko
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Stoycho  Georgiev  Stoychev

Primorsko   phone:
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